We love our territory and we keep on looking for “details” and for magical places. What is most

important for us is the relationship with our guests and the pleasure of sharing with them the
experiences that we found exciting, hoping that through our advice they will be able to take with
them an unforgettable memory of our Region.

  1. Bosco di San Francesco
    An itinerary of silence, a few steps away from the Superior Basilica of Assisi. You will be
    Immersed in an atmosphere of peace and serenity and in about 40 ‘ of walk you will reach the
    Land Art Installation made by the famous artist Michelangelo Pistoletto.
  2. The park of Mount Subasio
    Numerous trails cut through the slopes and the summit of Mount Subasio, ideal places for lovers
    of Trekking and Mountain biking. You can have a magnificent view of the surrounding valley and of
    the enchanting villages set in the green.
  3. Trail 50
    This trail goes from Assisi to Spello and is a 16 km walk. It is a wonderful climb to the summit
    of Mount Subasio. You will pass through “l’eremo delle carceri “, one of the places dear to Saint
    Francis, and you can visit it.
    You will run along huge sinkholes, enjoy a breathtaking view and get to Spello passing through the
    ancient Roman aqueduct.
  4. Trail 51
    This trail follows the footsteps of the last voyage of Saint Francis and goes from Nocera Umbra to
    Assisi, up and down through the Umbrian hills and the slopes of Mount Subasio till you reach Porta
    Cappuccini. it is a path of silence and inner regeneration.
  5. Armenzano, San Giovanni, Collepino
    Three wonderful and small villages on the slopes of Subasio. To see them appear after walking or
    driving in winding roads, is a freshening sight for the eyes and the soul. Armenzano is a Unesco
    World Heritage site, and the other two are equally beautiful, you can breathe an ancient air, almost
    still in time.
  6. Walks around the Monastery
    If you don’t want to go too far, ask us and we will give you advise.
  7. Valsorda and the Hermitage of Serrasanta
    Numerous paths run along the peaks and plateau of Valsorda, the mountain that overlook Gualdo
    Tadino. At the altitude of 1,348 MT stands The Hermitage of Serrasanta, a Refuge of spirituality
    and preyer, active since the Middle Ages
  8. Europe Trail goes from Gualdo to Nocera
    Dall’eremo di Serrasanta inizia un lungo ed entusiasmante percorso che termina a monte Alago, proprio sopra Nocera Umbra. Si cammina quasi costantemente in vetta e si scorgono panorami incantevoli. Si raggiungono i 1.400 metri e si arriva abbastanza stanchi!
  9. Monte Cucco
    L’escursione alle grotte di Monte Cucco è imperdibile…attenzione perché ha orari e giorni molto limitati. Potrete consolarvi con numerosi sentieri che attraversano il monte raggiungendo anche l’eremo di Fonte Avellana.
  10. Le Grotte di Frasassi
    Un viaggio affascinante che ricorderete per tutta la vita. Una natura impressionante.
  11. Rasiglia
    Un piccolissimo borgo molto in voga ultimamente. Immerso negli appennini umbri, circondato da piccoli canali che costeggiano le abitazioni. Scenario fiabesco…attenzione d’Estate e Weekend…potrebbe essere affollatissimo.
  12. Cascate delle Marmore
    Sentieri mozzafiato intorno alle cascate e uno spettacolo imperdibile della natura (a flusso controllato…occhio agli orari di apertura)