The Ancient Monastery

A unique synthesis of nature, history, flavors and meditation in search of one's own balance

Each of us at least once a day is crossed by a thought that says: “I would like some peace …”. At the San
Biagio Monastery we have recreated all the conditions for this “Peace” to be realized.

A deafening silence, the total immersion in a green forest vegetation and the distance from the frenetic
communication devices that invade our days, offers the ideal climate to enjoy the exterior environment but
also to turn our gaze towards the inner self, towards our spirit and our conscience.

In addition, body treatments made with a base of officinal herbs from ancient traditions and monastic
cultures, contribute to an immediate improvement of our physical, intellectual and above all of our inner

In this setting that encompass atmosphere and harmony, we can offer you excellent products such as Birra
San Biagio, handcrafted beer of monastic inspiration, and a cuisine that knows how to revisit the traditions of
the territory with taste and elegance.