The San Biagio Brewery

The First Italian Handcrafted Beer of monastic inspiration: nourishment for the Body and the Spirit

The San Biagio Brewery has been located in one of the historic buildings of our Monastery for ten years now.

The essential elements for the brewing are: the water of Nocera Umbra, with unique characteristics,
celebrated by poets and academics since ancient times, and the barley of our production. An alchemical
blend that allowed us to reach important goals such as the achievement of a prestigious award at the
“Mondial de la Biere” in Strasbourg in 2011.

Our advice: once you arrive, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Brewery, to pick up some little secrets
and to taste our beers combined with local dishes in our restaurant.
Curiosity: of ancient inspiration is our “Monasta” Beer, an amber Highly Fermented brew: 7% alcohol with the
addition of very special ingredients … the leaves of the Laurel plants growing around the old monastery, and
the honey from Gubbio. Come and try it.

Portatemi dell’acqua di Nocera:
questa è buona alla febbre e al dolor colico,
guarisce la renella e il mal di petto,
fa diventare allegro il malinconico;
l’appigionasi appicca al cataletto,
ed in ozio fa star tutti i becchini;
ma non bisogna berla a centellini;
e quel che importa, il medico l’approva
e in centomila casi stravaganti
ha fatto ancor di sua virtù la prova
celebrandola più del vin del Chianti.
Francesco Redi (Arianna Inferma, 1685)