Cities of Art, History, Folklore. Our advices

Discover the hidden and mystical places of the “Green Heart” of Italy

    The city of the “race of the Ceri”. Unmissable folkloristic event that enliven the “Stone Village” every
    year on May 15th!
    There are numerous attractions for lovers of Art: the Roman Theater, the “Palazzo dei Consoli” that
    holds a magnificent art gallery and an archaeological museum, the Basilica of Sant’Ubaldo at the top of
    Mount Ingino, reachable by foot or by a thrilling cable car.
    A small medieval village set among the Apennines.
    We advise you to lose yourself in its alleys and visit the Civic Art Gallery that collects unmissable
    works of the umbrian 14th and 15th century. The Archaeological museum has a section
    dedicated to the vast Langobard necropolis of the “Portone”.
    A beautiful landscape can be enjoyed from the top of the Civic Tower and numerous paths climb up
    Monte Alago and Monte Appennino, perfect places for lovers of Hiking, Mountain Biking and
    During the first week of August, takes place the “Palio dei Quartieri”, one
    historical reenactment that animates the whole town and its splendid hamlets.
    Dominated by the Rocca Flea, an imposing thirteenth-century building, Gualdo is an
    impeccable example of a medieval town, famous for its ceramic production.
    Museums (Art Gallery and Archaeological Museum, Museum of Emigration and Ceramics), Churches.
    The paths leading to Valsorda and the Hermitage of Serrasanta make Gualdo a village suitable for
    families and nature lovers.
    In September don’t miss the unique “Giochi delle porte”, an historical reenactment, with parades that
    animate the historic center and culminate with a contest for the Palio between the 4 districts: a race
    with Donkeys,


    There would be a lot to say about the city of Saint Francis. Don’t miss a visit to the Upper and Lower
    Basilica, the “Bosco di San Francesco”, the Hermitage of the Carceri, and the Church of Santa Chiara. A
    hidden Assisi is also waiting for you, with evidences from the Roman era.
    The paths that cross the Park of Monte Subasio start from here.
    One of the most suggestive is the #50 path of the “CAI” that connects Assisi to Spello.
    We inform you about the most important historical reenactment of Assisi: the “Calendimaggio”,
    recurring every year in the first days of May.
    “Splendid Julia Colony”, as August baptized it.
    Today Spello is one of the most enchanting villages in Umbria, characterized by the care and the
    setting up of its alleys, the churches and the museum collections.
    Restaurants and wine bars alternate along the streets with excellent selections of local wines and oils.
    Artist’s workshops and beautiful panoramas, thermal waters and archeological sites.
    We recommend a visit to Collepino, a very small village perfectly renovated, located at a few
    kilometers from the center, immersed in the hills between secular olive trees.
    Don’t miss the famous “infiorata” that take place at the end of June, a religiuos festivity during which
    the citizens decorate the village main street with artworks made with flower petals.
  6. TREVI
    Splendid town clinged alongside the Via Flaminia. We inform you about the museum complex of San
    Francesco. During the whole month of October a very characteristic historical event take place:
    “October Trevano”. You will have the opportunity to eat the typical products of the territory in the
    taverns of the Terzieri and witness historical reenactments.


    The “Giostra della Quintana” is one of the most exciting attractions of this beautiful and throbbing
    Umbrian city; Chivalry tournament and reenactment of the baroque splendors of the famous Roman
    Fulginium, which is divided in two parts: the challenge of June and the re-match of September.
    You must absolutely visit Palazzo Trinci, even if we recommend you to get lost in the numerous
    cultural, artistic and musical events taking place in Foligno from Spring to late Autumn.
    Keep up to date on the websites.
    We like to start from Umbria Jazz, a music festival with an important history that gathers
    international guests every year and guarantees a unique level of entertainment.
    Don’t miss it in July.
    You can visit many sites of historical, artistic and archaeological interest.
    We mention only a few not to be missed: the National Gallery of Umbria and the National
    Archaeological Museum.
    Eurochocolate has become a famous transoceanic event that take place in October in the city center
    and it is obviously dedicated to the “sweet tooth”.
    We have many other suggestions: Rocca Paolina and Chiesa di San Francesco, Giardini Carducci and
    the aqueduct stairs, just to mention some, you will visit the capital, the most lively and pulsating city,
    so check the site and keep up to date.
    We advise you to get lost among the streets crowded with students, listening to the music of street
    artists, between trendy and historical clubs.
    Even Goethe fell in love with Spoleto.
    From the Rocca Albornoziana to the Ponte delle Torri: 230 meters long and 82 high.
    You can visit Piazza del Mercato and Piazza del Duomo, with the magnificent Cathedral of Santa Maria
    Assunta which holds works by Pinturicchio and Filippo Lippi.
    There are also numerous records from the Roman period.
    We recommend the “Festival of the Two Worlds”, an event to which, artists, directors, musicians of the
    highest caliber coming from all over the world take part since 50 years
    Don’t miss it.

    Spoleto – Informazioni sulla città Umbra

    An enchanting “outlook”, from which you can see all the valleys and peaks of the Umbria-Marche
    An unmissable mix of Art, History, Food and Wine.
    A must-see is the museum complex of San Francesco which houses works by Perugino and Benozzo
    Gozzoli … then you can lose yourself in the alleys up to Piazza del Comune, where you will find
    winebars and small restaurants offering a vast selection of local wines, the pride of Montefalco.
    .Discover the tours of the wine cellars, don’t miss the samplings … Montefalco is unique.
    At the end of May (usually) dont miss “Open Cellars”, a splendid “open day” in the wine cellars of the
    area with samplings, music and lots of Montefalco wine, in an enchanting setting … booking must be
    done in advance!
    Numerous churches of unique beauty rise in this small town, all perfectly preserved and surrounded
    by a circle of mighty and reassuring medieval walls! You can get in trough the ancient stone doors and
    you will experience a peculiar dimension. If you want to immerse yourself even more in this climate,
    we advise you not to miss, in the month of June, the “Mercato delle Gaite”, one of the most brilliant,
    intense and engaging reenactments of our Umbria.
    Castelluccio di Norcia is an enchanted place, especially during the “Flowering”.
    Impossible to express it in words … from May to July!
    Norcia is a beautiful town, you must absolutely visit it!
    We recommend the typical pork butcheries (Norcia is the home of the cured meats) and the Rafting on
    the Corno river.
    Cascia is known throughout the world for the Sanctuary of Santa Rita and for the Monastery which
    was her home; obviously this is a religious pilgrimage destination.